5 Years of Historic US Level 3 Data
The world’s most granular US Level 3 data & analytics library

Our offering is aimed at systematic and quantitative funds and strategies looking to leverage an off-the-shelf data, analytics and cloud capability rather than build in-house.

This offering is aimed at any trading organisation that wants to understand the predictive insight hidden within the full depth order book. Quants, researchers, traders, portfolio managers leverage our granular historic data products, scalable compute capabilities and leading analytics libraries to unlock signals and drive alpha.

Our data and analytics packages help our clients analyse and extract information from the full depth orderbook via data pipelines that offer clients access to our analytics bundles.

  • Alternative pricing – extract additional insight through alternative statistics and analytics on the full order book data
  • Venue analysis – compare liquidity, order flows and volumes across trading venues and exchanges
  • Trading costs – enhance your existing TCA applications with data that unlocks market impact and cost of trading
  • Pricing analytics – ingest a harmonised data lake that produces consistent outcomes across venues
  • Trading insight – identify patterns left by executions and trading intentions in market data