BMLL is proud to have the Bank of England among its clients.
This article analyses the differences between US and European microstructure through the lens of key topics in 2022, and examines their impact on market share, auction volumes, tick sizes and fragmentation.
BMLL Market Lens: Liquidity Maps provides insight into the fragmentation of European equity markets via a view of 600 European stocks across the major European trading and execution
IEX’s Ronan Ryan and John Ramsay talk with BMLL’s Paul Humphrey and Dr Elliot Banks in Ep. 72 ‘What’s historical data anyway?’.
A selection of 7 aggregated metrics to better understand the market, including Volatility, TWA Spread, Quote to Trade,  Mean Resting Time, Notional Liquidity Around BBO, Fill Probability and Auction Dislocation. 
This investment is testament to a shared vision; that all market participants should have access to the most granular data & analytics.
Fundraise led by Nasdaq Ventures, FactSet and IQ Capital’s Growth Fund to fuel BMLL product and geographic expansion.
In this webinar, Dr Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL, examines the market microstructure of European and US Equities and ETFs.
BMLL Vantage democratises access to Level 3 order book data and analytics through an intuitive visualisation tool, thereby removing the need to code in order to derive meaningful insights.
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