Paul Humphrey, CEO, BMLL Technologies: 'When you understand the predictive power of Level 3 data, you understand the future was created yesterday.'
Using BMLL Level 3 Data, Euronext provides a short market quality analysis in order to tackle this lack of information, while opening the door for further research.
Arnaud Bossard, Data Scientist, analyses Italian stock Banco BPM (Ticker BAMI), trading on Borsa Italiana (XMIL), and finds looking at the depth of the order book and Level 3 Data is necessary to truly understand market behaviour.
Marc Berthoud, Head of Exchange Data Strategy at SIX, explains in a video interview how SIX Swiss Exchange partners with BMLL.
BMLL, BondCliQ, IPC, Quant Insight and OpenFin discuss democratising app distribution in finance.
The technology we use is world class and the award-winning way we engineer the data is second to none. We take big data and turn it into relevant data.
Singled out from over 100 nominees, BMLL recognised for fostering an exceptional workplace for technologists.
and deploys cloud computing capabilities to carry out detailed analysis, allowing the team to understand on a granular level what happens to the order book when they trade passively or aggressively.
Innovation is the only way forward.  The BMLL EMPA managed service enables a deep understanding of liquidity dynamics and well-informed benchmarking
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