BMLL explores how in times of high volatility, market impact exhibits a behavioural change and how that can be leveraged by participants.
BMLL examines how leveraging the full depth order book can result in better trading decisions. 
Paul Humphrey and Andy Mahoney talk with Toby Babb about the BMLL integration with FlexTRADER
BMLL explores the impact winning or losing football matches has on the capital markets
How trading behaviour and market conditions impact the share of auction volume traded
BMLL CPO, Elliot Banks sits down with the Financial Times' Philip Stafford to discuss changes to Dark Pool regulation and widening spreads on UK exchanges post Brexit.
What is the impact of the Double Volume Cap (DVC) removal on dark venue share of trading?
Masami Johnston, BMLL, examines why the time for robust execution analysis in Europe is now. First published in TABB Forum, June 2021
Andy Mahoney, Managing Director EMEA,  FlexTrade Systems noted: “our clients will have enriched pre- and post-trade analytics inside our FlexTRADER EMS blotter, helping them to analyse historical data to make the best trading decisions [...]”
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