FlexTrade Systems has integrated a feed from BMLL Technologies to deliver pricing data and analytics which is being demanded by the largest asset managers at the point of execution
The differences in order book dynamics across major European markets.Data source: BMLL, SIX.
Dr Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL Technologies, provides a guide to using Platometrics to identify liquidity in the market.
An increasing number of market participants are depending on more granular quality data to improve alpha generation and manage risk exposures.
“The granularity of Level 3 data gives them access to five years of microsecond, message by message data covering major equity exchanges in a harmonised format, with unlimited cloud and a full suite of analytics libraries.”
TradingTech Insight Awards USA 2021 Shortlist.
Researchers from a Paris university are using the BMLL’s data and coding environment to build models for more efficient regulatory approaches.
BMLL today announced that Masami Johnstone joined as Senior Client Advisor and Simon Ellis as Head of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances.
The École Polytechnique team is led by Senior Professor Mathieu Rosenbaum, a leading  quantitative analyst specialising in market microstructure modeling, who was named as a  “Quant of the Year” at the Risk Awards 2021.
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