Meet our CEO Paul Humphrey and the BMLL team at WFIC 2022.
Meet the BMLL team at the event for the leading minds on quantitative investment strategies.
In the third of this webinar series, Dr Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL, speaks with Michael Riddle, Chief Executive Officer, Eris Innovations, a product development company that created interest rate swap futures listed by CME Group.
NYU quant team to use BMLL Data Lab to run computations at scale and conduct futures market research.
The award recognises technology providers and vendors offering exceptional and innovative trading infrastructure and data solutions dedicated to the challenges faced by firms operating in the US trading environment.
A selection of 7 aggregated metrics to better understand the market, including Volatility, TWA Spread, Quote to Trade,  Mean Resting Time, Notional Liquidity Around BBO, Fill Probability and Auction Dislocation. 
How traders can find the best liquidity throughout the complex:  the phasing out of LIBOR is having a major impact on futures contracts previously referenced to that rate. We are taking a closer look at how this affects Eurodollar futures.
He explains the importance of Level 3 historical data for generating alpha and gaining a trading advantage, and how Data-Science-as-a-Service enables capital markets participants to remove the time-consuming aspects of data science.
Paul Humphrey, CEO, discusses key themes from TradeTech 2022, as well as BMLL’s journey and the areas of focus going forward.
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