ETF Issuers

ETF Issuers 

ETF issuers need to know how their products compare to those of their competitors, how effective their liquidity providers are in creating a market for their ETFs, and how their products perform across different venues and currencies.

BMLL provides the ETF ecosystem with access to historical Level 3 order book data and analytics, empowering issuers with valuable insights on the performance of their products.

Liquidity Provider Analytics

  • Get the most from your liquidity providers with data-driven analyses of their performance
  • Analyse the full liquidity profile of your ETFs
  • Go deeper than the spread at touch and look at key performance indicators of your market maker

Competitor Product Analytics

  • Analyse how your ETFs perform against your competitors’ products 
  • Analyse how volatility, market impact and depth of liquidity impact volumes
  • Identify how liquidity and spread profiles over the day compared with your ETF peers

Venue Comparison Analytics

  • Compare your ETFs  across multiple venues
  • Examine ETF products trading across the different listings, and the currencies
  • Leverage a fuller picture of liquidity and market quality



BMLL harmonises data from global exchanges, covering Equities, Futures and ETFs.

Venues - 65+ trading venues, ranging from the Primary venues, to MTFs and RFQs

Asset Class - Global Equities, ETFs and Futures

Geography - Full coverage across North America and Europe 


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