How our Data Works for You

Increase the ROI of your data and analytics and make more informed decisions. Generate alpha more predictably, drive more flow to your traders and back-test and launch new products more confidently with our advanced analytics.

Our data and analytics are used by leading institutions across the capital markets ecosystem from banks and brokers, to asset managers, global exchange groups and hedge funds to enhance their analytics.


Our 15 petabyte Data Lake sits at the core of our offering. Composed of 4+ years of nano-second granularity data across global equities, ETFs & futures from over 45 exchanges and trading venues.

We process over 200GB of raw exchange data daily and harmonise into a single consistent information-rich format offered at every level of granularity.

All our data is Level 3, capturing every order sent to the market. This granularity combined with our analytics enables end users to truly understand the inner workings of the market.

Experience Our Data
BMLL Data Lab
BMLL Data Feed
BMLL Data Viz
BMLL Data Lab
The weapon of choice for sophisticated quants & researchers seeking alpha and actionable insight through direct access to the BMLL Platform & Data Lake.
BMLL Data Feed
The power of the Portal in a derived data feed. Data & analytics fed directly from our Platform to your systems delivering you insights you trust.
BMLL Data Viz
Data & analytics with a visual punch. Showcase actionable insight and analytics to your clients, in your systems, powered by our Platform and Data Lake.
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