What is the impact of the Double Volume Cap (DVC) removal on dark venue share of trading?
Masami Johnston, BMLL, examines why the time for robust execution analysis in Europe is now. First published in TABB Forum, June 2021
An increasing number of market participants are depending on more granular quality data to improve alpha generation and manage risk exposures.
In our latest survey we set out to explore how market participants use Level 3 data and analytics in their daily trading decisions.
For our latest whitepaper, in collaboration with WBR Insights, we surveyed 100 Heads of Data and Chief Data Officers.
Alpha-hungry hedge funds can now test their strategies over long enough periods to be able to spot real trends.
Even though half of hedge fund managers are now using alternative data to gain a competitive edge, 77% of market leaders find that backtesting of alternative data poses the biggest challenge.
The industry has been debating the need for and merits of a consolidated tape for some time but - unsurprisingly - without consensus on whether or not this should be real-time or on a T+1, post-trade basis.
The term ‘alternative data’ now means any data set that isn't available from existing pricing and fundamental data feeds [...] Rarely does pricing data cross over into the world of alternative data - until now.
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