Using BMLL Data, Euronext provides analysis comparing the market quality metrics in 2020 during the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak and the recent market turmoil in 2022 caused by the Ukraine-Russia crisis.
BMLL provides third-party verification of passive liquidity dynamics on Aquis vs European exchanges.
Paul Humphrey, BMLL CEO listed in the top 40 technology-driven innovators, those disruptors and difference-makers who are having the greatest impact on financial markets.
Read about the core factors that trading participants take into consideration when routing orders. 
This article examines the potential impact of recent SEC proposals through the use of Level 3 market data, which provides deep and important insights into the way markets and specific securities are trading across venues.
In the second of this webinar series, Dr Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL, focuses on the market microstructure of US Equities and ETFs. 
Paul Humphrey, CEO, writes: “We haven't been through two years of a pandemic to learn nothing. I want to take the very best of what we've learned through the experience and put that into our working lives.”
As a result, there’s an increasing move to outsourcing data engineering to specialist providers like BMLL. Head of Sales, Ben Collins shares his views at the 2022 FIX Trading Community EMEA conference.
Using the BMLL Data Lab, academics at Goethe University Frankfurt examined the effects of market fragmentation on trading and market quality of small and medium enterprise (SME) stocks.
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